On Freedom and Equality

It is easy to desire and recommend freedom when everyone is equal. When the United States started, most everyone started from scratch, and came over on a boat to build a new life and country. Since everyone started poor, the recognition of the value of freedom to allow some to succeed, for everyone to be able to mix it up, was pure and great.

However when people start from an unequal setting, freedom does not seem as important. The United States has gotten to the point where the people born today are not all poor, are not all starting from scratch. The poorer people now point at the rich and say, ‘I am not free, because they are rich and have taken all of the power’. Because the poorer feel not free themselves, it is easy to demand that the freedom of the rich be taken away in order to make the playing field more equal. Of course taking away the freedom of the rich also takes away freedom from the poor, for example if the poor ever became rich, but this seems like a fair trade to the powerless. And so the cycle towards less freedom and more demanded equality continues and more powerlessness continues.

Should we wipe the slate clean, and make everyone poor again, so that true freedom is recognized as a good and pure thing? No, probably not, but that is perhaps the only good outcome from revolution or anarchy. We must recognize that freedom is a good and pure thing, no matter how unequal the playing field. Freedom is either good or it is not. Freedom allows the upward mobility and the right to mix it up which gave rise to the riches to begin with. The super wealthy will of course become more super wealthy. They will do crazy things like develop spaceships to the stars or try to cure malaria in all of Africa. People starting poor may never be able to rise to the top of the richest people. But that’s ok, for as long as there’s freedom the poor can improve their lot, do deals, and better themselves. The rich do not take away from the poor, only the reduction of freedom does. Wealth is not a zero sum game. Wealth is created in proportion to how much humanity produces as a whole, and the amount of economic transactions that occur.

When the rich become rich, and the starting place of peoples lives is in-equality as a people we must remember the lack of freedom is not going to solve this. Freedom is what allowed the previously poor to rise, the United States to prosper, and for innovation to occur.



Is it true that what you are feeling comes before what happens? Will a feeling of success create success? Is it true that looking for the feeling without caring about the results is the best way to create something that will change the world?

I would like to find out.

One Humanity, One World

We are what we are. We are humanity. We all can touch and share with each other today through thoughts on the Internet and on other media. We all have the same basic dreams. We all dream in the same colors. We all dream for the same happiness of health, of freedom, of discovery, of creation – to be creative, to live a long life, to have children, and to make the world a better place.

We are all One
We are all One humanity
We are all on One Earth
We are all interacting with each other we are all sharing with each other. We all will share with the rise of the earth or the fall of humanity.


We are one earth. One world, One Earth. One beautiful contrasting mass of humanity. One large mass of humanity. One Earth, One world. We are not all the same, but we all interact together. We are ruthless. Nature is ruthless – without rules. We are here to survive. We will survive – We must survive as a species. We must survive as planet. Life must be protected here on earth. As the ones with the greatest focus of any species we should use our technology, our innovations, and our imaginations to protect, to raise, and to thrive here on Earth.

We are One world, One humanity. We are all in this together. The glorious fights we will have. The glorious triumphs we will have. The beauty we will have, us the masses. We will have the beauty. We will, the writhing masses, we will have the imagination and we will have the technology and we will invent the love. We can have the art we could create. The beauty we will have.

The art we will create. The stories that will be told. The lives we will touch. The inspirations that will dawn. The heroes we will elevate and tell about, not because they are better than us, but because all of us together have created them. All of us together have produced this great art, their great triumph. Our organizational structure has produced this great living and they have elevated all of us with their manifestations and we will drink and we will be merry and we will relax and we will bask in our triumph in our tiredness of created so many great things and love our ways. For all we do is good, and we are all good. One world one humanity towards the greatness of all things towards the greatness of our planet, of our lives, of our ecosystem, or our brothers and sisters of other species who co-exist with us of our deep down caves of our skies full of clouds of our space and sky barrier of our One humanity. Ever expanding. Ever growing. Ever adapting. Ever spectacular. One humanity. One humanity. One world. Let it begin.

Bitcoin the Piratical Organization

I have spent some time looking into Bitcoin and the Blockchain. This was due to easy money (the rumours of) because the finance industry of New York being interested in Blockchain. Lots of research was done into the scaling of Bitcoin, distributed computing, and trustless ledgers. This led to insights of how time is itself not constant, and therefore hampers all WAN distributed computing1.

However, I have stopped working on Bitcoin / Blockchain because of an interesting theory I have run into. Reading `The Invisible Hook` and the `Pirate Organization` by HBR about Pirate (Maritime in First, General Pirates in Others) and how it interacts with the Capitalist economy as a whole. How Pirate new business models eventually end up in the DNA or code of the capitalist countries. Bitcoin itself is `deterritorializing` money away from the nation state. Money itself should be viewed as a common good, not owned or controlled by any nation. This viewpoint is the basis of Bitcoin, and according to Pirate theory will eventually become part of society. But that is not until after many years of Pirates in the fringef operating in the grey area of the economy. Bitcoin operators may become rich, and they may go to jail. The may become sanctioned by the state, only to be rejected by it later. And as making another Bitcoin – Bitcoin is a brand more than anything else. As the Jolly Roger was to the Pirates. It’s not about making a better Bitcoin – it’s about using the brand of Bitcoin to separate money from government control. And that is too grey area for safety.

However, we live in interesting times. The eventual ideals of Cyberspace and Cryptocurrency `Pirate Organizations` will eventually be brought into the DNA of mainstream. And those ideas are that information is intrinsically `free`. Once it leaves your computer, your information is in no mans land – like the international waters of the seas. And secondly – money is a common good, that belongs to no nation and is owned only by the people making the transactions. God have mercy on nation’s souls – because Capitalism looks to want to do to them what it has done to everything else – deterritorialize and create exchangeable units of what nations once held as their unique domain.

^ Stanford Seminar – Paul Borrill of EARTH Computing Time is just a passing back forth of information between observers. Outside of that it is relative.

Mass Media Agenda Setting is in Revolution

I’m sure this is common knowledge for anyone that has been watching the Media lately – and especially politics.  The UK PM Corbyn was elected despite being hated by the Media.  The Media says so many distorted, gotcha, biased things about Trump in Republican primary, but nothing seems to stick.  What is going on?

The Mass Media’s agenda setting ability is being eroded by the New Media democratized by the Internet.  A politician no longer requires the Mass Media to spread his word, he can reach the people directly on Twitter.  In the previous generation it was held that `the country itself “belongs to the person who controls communications.”`1. But that control is breaking, and it is one of the most amazing things I have seen. How will this evolve, this silent revolution?


1. ^ It seems to have started in the 1950s, and continued on past the boomer revolution. Agenda setting became a reason for journalists livelihoods.

The Culture Wars are Coming

Mass Media has turned into Internet.  Internet has given ability to connect, share and network by a much larger factor.  This has given new wind to social justice projects and community action.  Whether you believe in legalizing weed, in trans-gender rights, or in Christian freedom your voice is greater.  In the United States at this time, this is pandering to the lowest denominator of fear, hate and division.  People are using this for Social Justice, or how outraged can you make yourself or other people to join our side.  That may be a bit imprecise, but I think Social Justice Warriors (SJW) are looking for Power.  In America the current SJW is associated with Identity Politics, Equality, and Victim Protection.  Justice can not exist without Power to enforce, and power without Justice is tyrannical.  Identity Politics, Political Correctness and Victimocracy are being used as weapons to reach for this power, and if this is a power fight, these SJW are revolutionaries and the revolution will not end prettily if it is successful as all revolutions turn on each other in the end.   There is evidence that this kind of Social Revolution leads to Totalitarianism. No matter whether you agree with SJW’s aims their existence and growing boldness is a sign of our times.  This leads me to believe we are entering an age of expanding Cultural Wars in the West.  Whichever Culture a person wishes to be a part of will need to define itself in the Internet.  The previous Cultural Revolution of Freedom, Individualism, and Meritocracy was fought most pronounced on the paper, the newsletter, and the movable type press.  If we wish a culture to continue this fight must go to the Internet.  And there will be wars online.

US show of strength in Spratly’s is a bluff

Today a US warship sailed past the Spratly Islands which China has claimed as part of it’s desire to control and improve navigation in the South China Sea.  The US is belligerent, probably because of it’s allies pushing for it to do something and also probably because of hubris.  China does not have the ability to project power much farther than it’s shores but is in a strategic position with the neighboring island chain.  China also does not have as much respect for human life as the Western philosophy (I have seen this first hand).  The US can not project enough force to slow China from growing power in it’s own region which will reduce the superpower aura of the US further.  That China now has by far more manufacturing capability and the world’s largest economy is the greatest lever now in the power relationships of the states.


Where is the humanism in United States and Russian actions in Syria?

The Syrian war is destroying and degrading humanity in Syria because of long game strategies of Russia and United States.  Syria has been bombed recently in Russia.  They seem to be targeting the enemies of the Syrian government.  They are also saying they are going after ISIS in bombing.  This is interesting because US, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and France are also engaged in the Syrian war.  Turkey joined the Western coalition (US, UK, France) but targeted their suppressed ethnic minority of the Kurds who have also carried out terrorists attacks for independence from Turkey.  Iran is supplying the Lebanese fighters and helping the Shia’s on the ground of Iraq.  The US seems to have bungled many things in it’s skirmishes with ISIS, including spending 90M dollars to train soldiers to fight Syrian government but only succeeding in training 3.

Where is the cooperation between Russia and US?  Where is the humanity?  Why does the United States want a low level war to burn on in Syria.  Would it not want to just end ISIS threat and contain Syria?  The answer is probably a geopolitical long game of denying Russia it’s bases in Syria by replacing Assad.   And therefore that puts Russia and US at loggerheads.  And that leaves the humanity of the refugees, children and non-combatants of Syria off the table, and probably into the hands of the only ones occupying boots on the ground.


An online game gives insight into how organizations fail hard.

The Mittani, one of the smartest people and politicians inside of the massive multiplayer game EVE, has documented how failures work in large simplified organizations in https://www.themittani.com/content/20-inside-failure-cascade.  EVE has 100s of thousands of players in an online “starships with spreadsheets” game in one sandbox interacting with each other.  Whether it’s relatable to the real world or not is debatable.  It has a simplified organization of coporations of players that can form together to become alliances.  I have played this game for several years and have witnessed this fail cascade myself from the inside.  The events seem to be that everything seems ok, your alliance is so large there’s no possible way it could fail, and then it happens within a week that the alliance gives up all or most of its space and now the remnants are left drifting in the wind.  The main take away from this is that constant pressure of bad news or inability to respond to external threat leads to hopelessness among the players in the alliance, which then leads them to re-identify themselves outside of the alliance.  Perhaps this is a lesson to governments – if you can no longer keep your citizens identifying with your government they will seek another tribe to identify with instead.  Or start a new one.